Ada Codes

View all dental procedure ada codes.

There is a considerable amount of abuse associated with the use of these ada codes we provide latest updated version of these procedure codes for dental health doctors.

Before determining which ada code :
  • Read the documentation to determine the item, service, or procedure to be coded
  • Review all sub-terms and code ranges
  • Read the guidelines for the sections and read each description
  • Pay attention to all color coding and symbols
  • Select the code and assign all appropriate
Benefits of Ada Codes:
  • Allows for continuity and specificity when billing.
  • Uniformity helps the effort to collect uniform health service data.
  • Codes are approved and maintained jointly by the Alpha-Numeric Workgroup, consisting of CMS, the Health Insurance Association of America, and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
  • Codes and descriptions are updated every January by CMS.

Code List

ADA codes are divided 12 diffrent procedures and all codes start with D-Dental letter, they are :

  • Diagnostic ADA Codes - Code Range D0100-D0999
  • Preventive ADA Codes - Code Range D1000-D1999
  • Restorative ADA Codes - Code Range D2000-D2999
  • Endodontics ADA Codes - Code Range D3000-D3999
  • Periodontics ADA Codes - Code Range D4000-D4999
  • Prosthodontics (Removable) ADA Codes - Code Range D5000-D5899
  • Maxillofacial ADA Codes - Code Range D5900-D5999
  • Implant Services ADA Codes - Code Range D6000-D6199
  • Prosthodontics ADA Codes - Code Range D6200-D6999
  • Oran & Maxillofacial Surgery ADA Codes - Code Range D7000-D7999
  • Orthodontics ADA Codes - Code Range D8000-D8999
  • Adjunctive General Services ADA Codes - Code Range D9000-D9999

Before taking action on ada dental codes, dentists should develop following requirements for billing and documentation:

  • A standard office policy to document the additional PPE is to be used for all patients.
  • A documentation methodology to justify a standard fee for all patients.
  • Addition of a note to the patient's record to document the details of PPE, used for the visit while charging different fees based on the type of additional PPE used.
  • A narrative to be added to all CDT codes that include 'by report' in the nomenclature.
  • The word limit for the narrative should be up to 80 characters when entered in the remarks section of the 2019-2020-2021 ADA Dental Claim Form.
  • The code should be reported on a per-visit/claim basis in an attempt to cover the cost of PPE.